After The Love Is Gone...

BELLE MORGAN February 15, 2016

We're over it. 
Like, really, really over it.
Slights. Omissions. Oversights. Obvious bias. Anemic attempts at inclusion. Half-hearted extensions of the olive branch.
What a shame that the legacies of Natalie Cole and Maurice White won't be honored in a way befitting musical royalty during the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. In 2016, should we really continue to take seriously an awards show that fails to recognize the (obvious) contributions of all of its musical brothers and sisters?
At this point, it's a respect thing...
So what are we gonna do about it? Not sure what the answer is but the answer certainly isn't 'continue to wait' on validation from someone else. 
Create what you want to see.  Let's celebrate ourselves.  Lift and support each other.  Go to shows.  Buy music and merchandise.  Tell somebody about the dope indie artist you found at the coffee shop.
We already have everything that we need to be great. So let's go and, well, be great. 

No diss to the Grammy's but we won't be watching. At least not until we can see a true reflection of the entire musical landscape. A landscape that includes all of us.